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by Help4Pets
Since 1996

From our Members...

From our Organization Advocates...

“I always thought my dogs were safe in our walled yard. But one day my Labrador, Mori, climbed over the wall. He’d never done that before. When I wasn’t reachable, the Help4Pets operator called my alternate contacts. One of them rushed right over and took care of Mori until I returned. I never thought I’d actually have to use it, but we definitely have a friend in Help4Pets and the Pet Emergency Tag system.”

K. Daunt - New Mexico

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“The pet industry has grown immensely over the past years and there are many forms of pet locators that cost much more money and are far less effective. This system is so effective because it is so simple. A tag is the first thing anyone looks for when they stop to help a pet. There is no microchip, battery or electronic device to fail when the pet needs it most. It has been tested, it has been proven and it has the SPCA International’s approval.”

Stephanie Scroggs,

Director of Communications SPCA International

Meet one of our members and his dad...

Blue is an Australian Cattle Dog who was lost in Los Angeles for three days. He's the kind of dog who won't let a stranger get close enough to read his tag to help him. Watch how the Help4Pets Team helped get Blue home safely. It's not just a tag.

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