Frequently Asked Questions

How exactly does the Pet Emergency Tag help my pet?

Help4Pets, Inc. is staffed 24/7 by a team of trained personnel who instantly have access to the secure information you provided when you registered the tag. We take a two-pronged approach to helping reunite you with your pet. We talk to the person who found your pet and relay any important info that may to keep your pet calm, how to fashion a makeshift leash from their jacket or sweater, what key words will help build trust with your pet. At the same time, we are reaching out to you and any secondary contacts you provided. We have years of experience troubleshooting difficult circumstances and our track record of success is rewardingly spectacular.

If my pet already has an I.D. tag, why does he/she need the Pet Emergency Tag?

A tag with your phone number is great, but it is only reliable when you’re available to answer the call. We like to think we are always connected with our cell phones, but the truth is there are many times when we don’t, or can’t answer our phone. If they have to leave a message, the person who finds your pet probably won't be able to wait until you call them back. And most people, even the best of neighbors, are not willing to take a stray pet into their home until they reach you.

With the Pet Emergency Tag, your pet is always one phone call away from immediate help in any emergency. With the toll-free number and unique ID number on the Pet Emergency Tag, there is always a live person ready to help. The person who calls will be guided on the best way to assist your pet while our hotline staff of experts simultaneously go into action to track you down.

Isn’t a microchip better than a tag?

We highly recommend the microchip as a back-up form of I.D. in case your pet’s collar comes off. However it is not a good first line of defense because:

  1. The finder cannot see it or even know if there is one – it is hidden under your pet’s skin.
  2. The finder cannot access the information on the chip without first transporting your pet to a vet clinic or shelter with a microchip scanner.
  3. A microchip does not work 24 hours a day or nationwide. It only works at a shelter or veterinarian’s office that is open and has a chip scanner.
  4. Not all microchips are created equal and often the pet owners forget to keep their contact information up to date.
The goal is to make helping your pet as easy as possible for the person who finds them. The Pet Emergency Tag is highly visible, simple to use and it works immediately. All that is needed is a telephone.

My pet never gets out. Why does he/she need the Pet Emergency Tag?

  1. Accidents happen. No matter how careful you are – a workman accidentally leaves the gate open, the kids forget to close the door, or you open a door to accept a delivery, unaware that your pet is nearby. They can be tempted or startled and bolt out of the house unexpectedly. If your pet can walk, they can get out. No matter how careful you are. It makes sense to protect them…just in case.

    Here’s what the president of the SPCA has to say on the subject:
    “If we had a dollar for every lost pet who ‘never gets out’ we could build a new shelter. The Pet Emergency Tag should be on your pet all the time.” – Madeline Bernstein, President spca/LA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals)

  2. In the event of a natural disaster, windows may break or a door may fly open. You can not always control whether your pet gets out or not.
  3. In the event of a fire, you WANT your pet to get out of the house, and they would be as frightens as you and very difficult to control or contain.
  4. When you take your pet to a clinic or vet they are in unfamiliar surroundings and may be difficult to contain.

Isn’t a city license tag good enough?

The city issues licenses to show proof that your pet has had his/her shots. It is not a reliable form of I.D. since it does not show your contact information. Even if your pet is brought to a shelter, if the info you provided to the city is out of date they will not be able to reach you and your pet could be put up for adoption or put to sleep. The Pet Emergency Tag is a quick, one-step process for the finder. All they need to do is make one free phone call and we can access your pet’s contact, backup contacts and any special medical needs.

If my pet is found injured and I can’t be located, won’t a vet go ahead and treat my pet?

Unlike human doctors, veterinarians are not obligated by law to treat an injured pet without proof of payment. Most won’t. If you can’t be located, our hotline staff can authorize emergency medical treatment on your behalf based on the preferences you choose when you register your tag.

Wouldn’t a ‘high tech” GPS system work better at finding my pet?

A GPS based tracker can be great, but they also have their issues. How long will the battery in the devise work - especially while you are actively tracking it? What is the range of the devise? If a neighbor finds your pet before you do, there is no way for them to reach you based on the tracking devise. If you choose to invest both the cost of the devise AND the cost of the monthly service, then consider a Pet Emergency Tag as a backup. Simple by design, 24/7 live operators...just in case.

Does my pet need to wear a collar and tags while indoors or in our fenced yard?

Yes, it is very important that pets wear their collar and tags at all times, even during bedtime.

It’s hard to always “plan for the worst”, but it can be the best way to be prepared and safe. If there is a house fire, you would WANT your pets to escape to safety. During the commotion you may lose track of them for a while, but if they have their tags on, you dramatically increase your chances of finding them.

If someone comes to your door or you have a tradesperson working in the house, pets can, and will take advantage of an opened door to dash out to explore.

The number of pets that have managed to escape from fenced in yards every year is incredibly high. Whether your hairy Houdini is digging under, climbing over or just taking advantage of an unlatched gate, you can magically increase the chances of getting them home safely by always having their collars and tags on.

Does the clinking sound of the tags drive you nuts? Personally, I love it, but there are a variety of inexpensive products that help silence the tags without eliminating the value they provide.

Why not use a QR code on the tag?

Assuming the person who finds your pet knows what the QR code is, knows how to use it and has the scanner app on their phone, they may be able to reach you based on the information you provided. But if you don’t answer right away, they would probably give up and leave your pet there. But there are other issues with QR codes. The apps that read them can be very temperamental and if the code is not clean and clear, it won’t be read. More importantly, the person who found your pet now has access to your personal information.

What happens if I am not available or if I’m hurt or incapacitated?

When you register your tag, we encourage you to provide multiple alternative contacts of people who can help. We will stay on the line with the person who called and if absolutely necessary, work with them to find a temporary shelter or vet who can hold your pet until you or one of your alternate contacts arrives to help. We don’t give up until we know your pet is in safe hands. It is our mission, and it is our passion.

What if I lose my cell phone in a fire or natural disaster, how do you reach me?

A natural disaster, fire or accident, is a frightening time for everyone. In addition to your alternate contacts, we have the resources and experience to help connect pets in need with the organizations who are in the area to assist them.

Do you release my details to the person who calls and says they’ve found my pet?

The information you provide is secure. We will not release it to anyone without your expressed permission. It is our job to be the trained and trusted go-between for you and the person kind enough to help your pet.

If I lose the tag, how much is a replacement?

We guarantee our tags for the life of your service agreement. Lost, problem, we will replace it for free.

How long do the tags last under normal wear and tear?

We take the quality of our tags very seriously and we hold our manufacturers to very high standards. Our tags are die stamped metal with an epoxy coating on both sides to withstand even the roughest, toughest playtime. However, even if something were to damage the tag, they are 100% guaranteed for the life of the service agreement.

How do I update my emergency contacts, address or details about my pet?

Once you have registered your tag, you have access to a private page on the website. Info and contacts can be updated as often as needed. We encourage you to visit the page at least once a year and verify that the info is all up-to-date.

Is there a limit to the number of times we can use your service each year?

No limit. No kidding. If you need us, we are here for you.

Are there different sizes or different designs available?

The design of the Pet Emergency Tag was a very deliberate process designed to solve issues of visibility, ease of use and effectiveness. The bright red sign with the white cross immediately lets the person who finds your pet know to look here for helpful information. The large toll free number and individual pet ID number on the back keep things as simple as possible for anyone looking to help the pet. If you really prefer a different tag for your pet, the toll free phone number and personalized ID number can be put on any tag and the service will still work.