How it All Started

It began with one person inspired by two dogs.

Liz Blackman founded Help4Pets, Inc. in 1996 when two beloved rescues, Lita and Winchell, won her heart and led her to her life's mission helping pets. With more than 20 years experience and thousands of cases under her belt, she is a nationally respected expert on the subject of pet safety.

Liz will be the first to admit she can be a terrier on a pant leg; she simply can't give up when it comes to helping pets. And that means all pets, not just the ones she knows and loves. 

Guided by the belief that it's a lot less painful, and less expensive, to learn from other people's mistakes, she's determined to share what she's learned about protecting pets with pet parents everywhere. Her advice could save your pet's life.

What we do, and don't do, says a lot about who we are.

What We Don't Do:

  • We don't cut costs or corners. We don't think "good enough" is either good or enough when it comes to our pet's safety or yours.

What We Do:

  • We answer every call live 24/7.

  • We base our emergency call centers in the U.S. even though it costs us more.

  • We treat your pet's emergency as if it was our own pet's emergency.

  • We believe in giving back: 25% of the revenue from our annual membership renewals is donated to great pet causes and 50% of the revenue from our Adoption Program is donated back to the shelter or rescue from which the pets have been adopted.

  • We don't take our eye off the ball - ever - when it comes to being here when you and your pet need us.

What Drives Us

Help4Pets pretty much says it all. But helping pets isn't just in our name; it's in our DNA. It's what we do and it's what we love.

From day one, we've been 100% focused on putting safety first. If there was a better way to make our tags, we chose it. If there was a better way to set up our phone systems, we did it. If there was a better route for training our emergency operators, we took it.  Even though better has always cost more, we have never opted for savings over safety. And we never will.

Every success, big and small, drives us to continue with our mission.

This steadfast dedication, and the high level of expertise that only comes with thousands of cases and years of experience, has made Help4Pets the number-one choice for some of the most well-respected animal-advocacy organizations in the country.

In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, the Louisiana SPCA called on Help4Pets. Thousands of our Pet Emergency Tags were handed out to protect pets displaced by the storm.

The SPCA International chose the Pet Emergency Tag for Operation Baghdad Pups, a program developed to help American soldiers serving in Iraq who could not bear to leave the dogs they had befriended behind when their tour of duty ended. This program has made it possible for the dogs to be transported to the U.S. and adopted by their soldier. The Pet Emergency Tag protected them during their long and challenging journey from Iraq and continues to protect them today in their forever home.

And the Animal Rescue Site chose the Pet Emergency Tag as a fundraising tool to help feed and care for animals in shelters, while promoting the safety of all the animals in their community.

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