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If your pet has an ID tag:


An ID Tag with your phone number is the critical first step to protecting your pet.

It's the fastest way to reach you and it can make the difference between getting your pet back and never seeing him/her again.

Accidents happen even when you're careful. There could also be an emergency, such as a home fire, when you'd want your pet to get out. Be prepared: Make sure your pet wears an ID tag 24/7 ... just in case.


But what if you don't answer your phone?

We all like to think we're always reachable. But what if you don't answer: if you don't recognize the caller ID, if you're driving, if you're at work or at a movie? What if your pet needs help and you can't answer: if you're in a car accident or there's a natural disaster and your phone(s) don't work?


We always answer.

We'll advise the caller how to keep your pet safe until we can reach you or your backup emergency contacts. And we'll stay on the line offering assistance until help arrives.

If your pet has a microchip:


A microchip is your best chance to get your pet back if they're found without an ID tag.

But relying solely on a microchip is a bad idea. Your pet needs an ID tag. It's the first thing someone will look for and the fastest/easiest way to help your pet.


The microchip is not visible on your pet and requires special equipment to access the information. That means the person who finds your pet will have to take him/her to a shelter or vet to be scanned.

What if it's after hours?

What if it's a holiday?

What if the finder has no transportation?

What if the finder doesn't even know about microchips?


The risks are too great.

Relying on a microchip alone means you are expecting a stranger to put your pet in their car and transport him/her somewhere to be scanned. You can't count on someone being able and willing to go to that effort. And that puts your pet at risk.

We strongly recommend microchipping your pet for added protection. But you should NOT think your pet is adequately protected without The Emergency Tag. 


Our service works even without the tag.

Of course The Emergency Tag is the easiest way for someone to reach us for help.  But if your pet is found without their collar or tag, we can still help. List our toll-free number in your pet's microchip emergency information. If the microchip company can't reach you, they will always be able to reach us. As soon as they do, our system will kick in as if your pet was found wearing The Emergency Tag.

If your pet has a digital tag:


High tech has its place.

There are some good ways technology can be useful in helping your pet: Microchips and GPS devices both serve a good purpose. But technology that depends on electronics can easily fail when you need it most. 

Digital tags depend on an understanding of the technology and access to special apps. This limits the number of people who can help and puts your pet at risk.


These tags are just not practical for the purpose of helping a lost pet. And that's not safe. 
A digital ID tag that uses a QR code or near-field communication (NFC), requires downloading an app to your smart phone in order to use it. If we've lost you already, don't feel bad. Most people who see a QR code only have a vague idea of what it is and often no idea of what to do with it.

To start, the finder would need to know what a QR code is.

Then they would have to have a scanner app downloaded to their phone.

Then, while juggling their phone and a squirming pet who they don't know, they have to attempt to scan the digital tag.

Assuming they somehow succeeded and didn't need to remove your pet's collar in order to scan the tag, now a stranger has access to all of your personal information.


Simple by design.

We designed the Emergency Tag so that anyone can easily help your pet. One free call does it all. Our trained operators answer 24/7 and will use the detailed info you give us about your pet to put your customized emergency plan into action. If we can't reach you, we'll call your backup emergency contacts and we'll stay on the line with the finder and provide all the necessary support.  We'll do all the work so the finder can focus on just one thing: keeping your pet safe and calm until help arrives.

We help get your pet...

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