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Essential Pet Protection

It's not just a tag. It's a lifeline.

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We’d all like to think we’d be reachable if our pet needed help. But what if you don’t answer your phone: if you’re at work, at a movie or you just don’t recognize the caller ID? What if you can’t answer: if you’re on a plane, in a natural disaster or if something happens to you?


The Pet Emergency Tag makes it easy for anyone to reach our 24/7 live operators with one phone call. There's nothing high tech to fail when your pet needs it most.

We always answer. And we’ll use the detailed info you give us about your pet to put your customized emergency plan into action: including your backup contacts, vet and any special needs your pet may have. We’re here when you need us ... just in case.

Total Protection Plan

We highly recommend an ID tag with your phone number. It's the fastest way to reach you if your pet needs help.

Think of The Emergency Tag as your trusted backup safety net if you can't or don't answer your phone.


An ID tag is good, but what if you can’t or don’t answer your phone when your pet needs help?


We highly recommend a chip as a backup in case your pet loses their collar/tag. But it's not an easy way for someone to help your pet because it's not visible.

A chip requires a stranger to be willing and able to drive your pet to a vet or shelter to be scanned. What if it's after hours or a holiday?


A microchip is good, but it isn’t visible on your pet
and must be scanned at
a vet office or shelter.

The easiest, fastest way for anyone with any phone to get immediate help. There's nothing high tech or complicated to fail when you and your pet need it most.

One free phone call connects to our 24/7 live operators.  From anywhere in the U.S. or Canada.

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Your pet’s 24/7
safety net. Easy to see, easy to use and
always ready to help.


A standard ID tag and microchip are not required, but we highly recommend both.

You love her with all of your heart.

We'll help her with all of ours.

PET Tags side by side.png
How it Works

For lost pets and so much more:

We answer when you can't:

If you're at work

 If you're at a movie

 If you're on a plane

 If there's a natural disaster

 If something happens to you

Powered by Help4Pets, Inc.

USA-based, 24/7 Emergency Pet Helpline

Expert. Dedicated. Ready.

Peace of mind guaranteed.

Or your money back. Seriously.

And we stand behind our tag, too.

The Pet Emergency Tag is solid stainless steel with a durable epoxy coating on both sides. If your pet's tag is ever lost or damaged (even if chewed), we'll replace it. Happily. For free.

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Annual Membership

Only $24.95

We donate 25% to programs that help pets.

Families with five or more pets: $100 Per Year (Pay for four. The rest are FREE.)​

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Here's how simple it is:




We ship your pet's tag and membership kit.


Register tag & create your online pet profile.

Go to to register your pet's unique ID number from the back of The Emergency Tag. Tell us everything that's important in case of an emergency: your phone numbers, backup contacts in case you can't be reached, your vet and any special needs your pet may have.


Attach tag to collar. Bingo! You're all set.

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Or simply chat about how your dog is your favorite relative or your cat is better than therapy? Drop us a line. We’re your kind of people. And we’d love to hear from you.

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Thank you. We'll be in touch.

Everything we do is driven by our love for animals.

Meet one of our members and his dad.

Blue is an Australian Cattle Dog who was lost in Los Angeles for three days. He's the kind of dog who won't let a stranger get close enough to read his tag to help him. Watch how the Help4Pets Team helped get Blue home safely.

It's not just a tag.

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