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Since 1996

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Essential Pet Protection

It's not just a tag. It's a lifeline.

An easily identifiable emergency tag that connects anyone who finds your pet to help when you can’t be reached or answer your phone. Unlike regular pet tags where people call you, our team will always answer.
The Pet Emergency Tags offer you the peace of mind of a quality metal tag with your pet’s unique ID number and a toll free number that connects to a trained professional who will help reunite you with your pet.

The Pet Emergency Tag System (PETS) provides essential pet protection - protection that goes beyond an ID tag and microchip. A tag and chip are a good start. But your pet deserves more and the PETS does more. 

If your pet is ever lost or needs immediate help and you can't be reached right away, the PETS is your pet's 24/7 lifeline:   

  • If you're in a car accident with your pet 

  • If there's a disaster and your phone doesn't work

  • If there's any reason you can't or don't answer your phone 

Using the instructions you enter in your pet's online profile, we'll put your customized pet emergency plan into action immediately, including: your backup emergency contacts, vet info and any special needs your pet may have. Covers U.S. and Canada.

Peace of mind guaranteed. Or your money back. Really.

A standard pet ID tag and microchip are not required, but we highly recommend both.

Total Pet Protection



The phone number on the Pet Emergency Tag connects to a 24/7 live helpline that works like "911" for your pet in the U.S. and Canada.  

One easy call connects to our U.S.-based staff. We'll use the vital information you entered when you registered your pet's Pet Emergency Tag to get them the help they need immediately.

The Pet Emergency Tag offers immediate help when your pet is in need with live operators who are trained in emergency care and pet safety. No chip to scan, no voicemail to leave - we always answer 24/7.

The Pet Emergency Tag works in ways an ID tag and microchip don't. And it's not just for lost pets. Think of it as a "911" system for your pet that works in any emergency. Add it for your pet's total protection.


We highly recommend a chip as a backup in case your pet loses their collar or tag. But a chip is not a good primary ID because it's not visible or easy to use.

A chip requires a stranger to be willing and able to drive your pet to a vet or shelter to be scanned. What if it's after hours or a holiday? With the Pet Emergency Tag, help is always just one easy phone call away.

A microchip is a vital tool when paired with the speed and ease of use of the Pet Emergency Tag

A microchip is a good backup tool in case your pet needs help and their ID tag or collar comes off. But it's not a fast or easy way to help your pet because it's not visible and must be scanned.


We highly recommend an ID tag with your phone number. It's the fastest way to reach you if your pet needs help.

Think of the Pet Emergency Tag as your pet's 24/7 safety net if you can't or don't answer your phone. We always answer. And we'll stay on the phone with the caller until we can reach you or one of your backup contacts.

A standard ID tag is a good start when paired with the Pet Emergency Tag

A standard ID tag is a good start. It's the first thing someone will look for if your pet needs help. The Pet Emergency Tag is your pet's 24/7 lifeline if you can't or don't answer your phone.

A high quality, satisfaction guaranteed metal tag that is instantly recognizable as an emergency tag with an easy to read toll-free number and a unique ID that links to your pet’s backup contacts, vet information and any special needs or instructions you provide.

It's like 911 for your pet.

Tags to help with lost cats and dogs

Lost Pet

If your pet has a basic ID tag with your phone number and you can't be reached, the finder will be able to reach our live operators 24/7 by calling our phone number on your Pet Emergency Tag.

A tag to help if pets are separated from their home due to fire

Home Fire

If your pet is rescued from your home and first responders are unable to reach you, they can call our phone number on your Pet Emergency Tag. We'll call your backup contact(s) to let them know your pet needs help.

A tag to help if there is a car accident and your pet escapes the car or you are taken from the accident and your pet is left behind

Car Accident

If you're involved in a serious car accident with your pet, first responders can call our phone number on your Pet Emergency Tag. We'll call your backup contact(s) and give them the details of the emergency, including your pet's location.

Tags to help with pet emergencies while traveling or to get assistance with pet friendly accommodations away from home


If your pet is lost while traveling, your Pet Emergency Tag works 24/7, anywhere in the U.S. and Canada. If your pet becomes sick or is injured, you can call us anytime and we'll give you the location of the nearest open vet clinic.  If it's after hours, we'll direct you to the nearest 24-hour facility.

A tag that is linked to all of the important medical information you provide for your pet that might be needed in an emergency


If your pet is found injured and you can't be reached, we can authorize emergency treatment so your pet doesn't have to wait to be helped. This feature is optional and requires that you have a credit card on file in your Pet Emergency Tag secure profile.

A tag to help with lost pets

Natural Disaster

If there's a disaster, your phone may not work. But our telephone number on your Pet Emergency Tag has multiple backup systems and will always work. Rescuers can call us when they get to a phone outside the disaster area. When you call us, we'll give you the rescuer's location and contact information.

Peace of mind guaranteed.

Or your money back. Really.

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Return to the Pet Emergency Tag discount page to receive your special offer.

And we stand behind our tag, too. If your pet's Pet Emergency Tag is ever damaged (even if chewed), we'll replace it. Happily. For free.

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